Pre-Cast System

 Precast system


 Hollow core flooring is an efficient and modern flooring solution that can be implemented within a great many structures. Comprised of precast concrete with lengthwise voids, Hollow core is the ideal solution for those who are looking to take advantage of the strength of traditional concrete while simultaneously enjoying a low weight and high load capacity.

The use of Precast Concrete Hollow core Flooring is a highly cost effective solution that fits easily into any structural system such as steel or concrete frame or indeed masonry construction.

Our services include:

  • GSF Precast provide a supply and installation service through Kurdistan

  •  Precast Design team offers real value in terms of engineering optimization and the design process delivers saving to the client again and again

  • Our team working with all departments covers every aspect from initial designs through to production, transport, site work and final hand over.


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