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Tensile fabric structures are characterised by the tensioning of a membrane system, typically with wire or cable. Using tension throughout structure provides the membrane with critical structural support. Tensile architecture is the most common form of thin-shell structures. Tensile structures (otherwise known as tension structures) can hold many forms although it is generally based on two basic building designs; the Saddle and the Cone. This creates dramatic structural architecture and offers a variety of free form designs .The tensioning of the fabric eliminates and creases in the membrane and is strong enough to withstand any severe weather and potential damage.
Tensile Fabrics Structures
Tensile fabric structures permit the design of exciting roof forms that would be almost impossible with traditional building methods. Our GSF Construction on membrane structures have been developed since the 1970s and now include some of the most dramatic architectural works to date by offering a variety of form, along with translucency, color, clear span and softness. These fabric structures are lightweight, using tension to create the three-dimensional form. Our membrane structures span generations in their durability, offering in excess of a 30-year lifespan.