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Glass Reinforced Polyester(GRP)

GRP is made from strands of glass called fibres. These are extremely fine fibres that are woven together to create a flexible fabric. GRP is a moulded product, meaning it must be placed in or around the shape of the item it is required to take. GRP composite incorporates aluminium oxide aggregate surface, which is diamond hard, and offers a high resistance to long-term wear.

With GripClad products, the anti-slip grit cannot be knocked out as happens with over-coating methods. No peel-back or chipping can occur around localised damage points, the colour cannot be worn off and flexing/movement will have no effect. With both GRP and FRP materials, there is a 100% guarantee that it cannot rust or corrode.

How Are GRP Products Made?

These products are pre-finished, ready to install plates/covers constructed from extremely robust composite GRP. All our products are bonded together in a single manufacturing process, referred to sometimes as pultrusion manufacturing, making for the strongest and most durable pedestrian safety products available today.

GRP grating is produced through a moulding method, whereas GRP handrailing and pultruded profiles are produced by the pultrusion method.