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GSF Construction uses Ultra high performance fiber-reinforced concrete which is an exceptional construction panel material possessing a combination of technical and aesthetic qualities which are unusual for concrete.

– No framework required

– Resistance 10 x greater than that of traditional concrete in terms of compression / traction (180 Mpa/25Mpa)

– Extremely high resistance to abrasion and explosions

– Insensitivity to rust, aggressive environments, frost/thaws and UV It offers outstanding freedom in terms of shape and texture both in architecture and design as well as a particularly wide range of colors. The qualities of fiber reinforced concrete used by GSF, goes hand in hand with the new architectural trends: pure lines, thinness, with a focus on textures and minerality. The lack of passive frameworks makes it easier to create complex shapes with relatively thin items. Thanks to its mineral aspect, its ability to reproduce textures faithfully and the wide range of available colors, ultra high performance fiber-reinforced concrete has become the reference for creative concrete.