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Fiber Board

Fiberboard is also a kind of artificial wood. The procedure is as follows. First break the bark, wood shavings branch and other waste materials into pieces, and then mill them into wood pulp, after that add the glue into it or make use of its own agglutination, through heated pressure and drying treatment, and finally the plywood is made.

Fiberboard makes use of 90% of wood, and its texture is even, the strengths in every direction are equal, especially the bending strength is intense. In addition fiberboard is not liable to warp and split, and it totally avoids the defects of wood. Hard fiberboard can be used as wall slab, door board, floor, furniture and other decorations instead of wood. And the soft fiberboard whose apparent density is low(< 400 kg/m3) and porosity is high, often used as heatproof or acoustical materials.